Anusthan Experience

Initially, Veeresh did not have a Guru. Baniben Bal, who used live in St. John’s in Canada introduced him and others to Samarpan meditation through Kumarbhai Malde of Montreal during December 2005. Veeresh hosted the first introduction shibir of Samarpan  Meditation by Kumarbhai for free. At the time of introducing Kumarbhai to the attendees, Veeresh had an anubhuti of extreme heat emanating from his face. At that time he didn’t know why, but later on, when he learnt about Samarpan…

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A Disciples Short Tale

Before I began, I just want to apologize in advance for the grammatical errors and poor sentence structure.  I find that unedited (or barely edited), raw material, makes for a better read!  One of the things I realized looking back at some of the spiritual experiences in life is that you may not “jump” into meditation right away.  Meaning you may not start to “meditate” after you read a spiritual topic, listen to a spiritual discourse, watch a Youtube video,…

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