Initially, Veeresh did not have a Guru. Baniben Bal, who used live in St. John’s in Canada introduced him and others to Samarpan meditation through Kumarbhai Malde of Montreal during December 2005. Veeresh hosted the first introduction shibir of Samarpan  Meditation by Kumarbhai for free. At the time of introducing Kumarbhai to the attendees, Veeresh had an anubhuti of extreme heat emanating from his face. At that time he didn’t know why, but later on, when he learnt about Samarpan Meditation, he was in awe that just by watching the video and without doing any kind of physical Kriya, he felt the heat which was clearing his negativity. About 50 people had attended that shibir. Then he started regular meditation and organized weekly meditations at home. In 2006 Swamji’s proposed visit to Canada got canceled. The same year later in September,  he attended a weekend retreat with P. P. Swamiji in Wales UK, along with his better half Rashmee, on the occasion of their 25th wedding anniversary. In October 2008, he attended International Retreat in Dandi and had the feel of an Ashram for the first time in his life. Since 2009 he visited Dandi Ashram during Anushtan and Mahashivratri periods every year for 5 years in a row.  In the very first Anusthan he was attending in 2009 – the year Swamiji consecrated  Mangalmurty for Canada; on Mahashivratri day he was listening to a saadhak reciting a poem with verses for each of the chakras. As he was reciting, he had the anubhuti of all his chakras opening up one by one on their own. That was his most memorable anubhuti. He is from St. John’s, Newfoundland.