The Samarpan Ashram of the Americas is located on ten acres in a scenic natural environment along the shore of the Rivière du Nord in Québec, Canada.

The Ashram was purchased in January of 2020. The property has a three bedroom home with lower suite, a reception hall, fire pit, garage and barn (please see the photos below). Currently, the reception hall is being renovated to be a temporary meditation hall. The construction of the permanent meditation hall will commence in 2021.

The Samarpan Ashram is filled with tremendous positive energy which will benefit every individual visiting the place and the surroundings. One can easily achieve balance and a good state of meditation in this ideal environment. We have started welcoming visitors to the Ashram.


888 Chemin de la Rivière du N, Saint-Colomban, QC J5K 2E6


Samarpan Ashram of the Americas

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82762 0626 RR0001

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