Nagpur Mahashivir Celebration

Jay Baba Swami!
Jay Atmeshwar!

Plase note that we will be having a small celebration
on 26th December 2023 on the occassion of completion
of 8 day Nagpur Mahashibir.

We will celebrate by sharing experiences followed by snacks.

The celebration will be at the following locations

Location 1Pointe-Claire Center
Address – 56 Nicholson Avenue,
Pointe-Claire , QC

Location 2Ashram of Americas
Address – 888 Chemin de la Rivière du Nord,
Saint-Colomban, QC

Date and time for both locations are give below

Date – 26 December 2023
Time – 9:00am EST
(Montreal time)

Registration is mandatory. It will allow us to order the snacks.

To register, please fill out the form below and click Register.

See you in great numbers.

Jay Baba Swami!
Jay Atmeshwar !

Samarpan Ashram of the Americas

Charity Number

82762 0626 RR0001

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