Matching the gift of giving

We are very excited to announce that, we have a few anonymous donors who have offered to match, up to $600, all new monthly donations to the Shree Shivkrupanand Swami Foundation, pledged from now until Gurupurnima: July24 2021.

That is, every new monthly pledge of $5, $10, $20, $30 or more will be matched.

For example, if you pledge and start making a monthly donation of $30, the Shree Shivkrupanand Swami Foundation will keep receiving a monthly donation of $ 60 for as long as you keep donating through the monthly donor program. If you are not already a monthly donor, we encourage you to please consider signing up. Also, you will get a portion of your donation back in tax savings.

Monthly donations provide a dependable monthly income for the Shree Shivkrupanand Swami Foundation, Canada, which will help achieve our mission of building and maintaining our own Shree Guru Shakti Dham on our Ashram property at Saint-Colomban, Quebec, Canada. Please join the collectivity of donors who have been heartily donating over the last three years.

Below you will find a Pledge form to sign up for the program. This system through which sadhaks have been making monthly donations over the last three years is very secure and safe. The Royal bank of Canada will automatically debit your pledged amount from your account and credit it into the Shree Sivkrupanand Swami Foundationโ€™s account with Royal Bank of Canada. You can pledge any amount that you feel comfortable with and join the collectivity. Even a small monthly donation will connect you to this collectivity. Please sign up early and have your monthly donation doubled!

Your hearty donations will increase our soulful collectivity. Our joint mission is to establish and maintain a permanent Shree Guru Shakti Dham – which will become a centre point for the seekers around the globe and a source of self-realization. Letโ€™s become a part of this divine Gurukarya through monthly donations. P.P. Swamijiโ€™s blessings are with all of us. Please sign the completed form and hit submit or forward it on [email protected] or WhatsApp it on 709-682-2969 or mail it to address on the form.

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